Dennis Perry is an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon by profession.  Two critical events occurred that changed his direction in life.  As he approached his mid-40s in age, he began to realize that he was living an unsustainable lifestyle.  Spending nearly everything he made and living paycheck to paycheck.  He decided to study wealth creation by studying those who had succeeded in creating great wealth for themselves.

Early in his studies, his niece passed away less than 48 hours after giving birth.  He was asked by his family to help out financially but, in spite of his high income and respectable net worth, he had no available money to help.  At this point, he became very serious about changing his financial condition.

He studied everything he could get his hands on.  He was coached and mentored by some of the most successful wealth-builders and teachers of the present era.  People like Bob Proctor, Loral Langemeier, T. Harv Eker, Dr. Philip Humbert and many others.  He studied real estate investing, stock trading, option trading.

As he became more successful in his quest to create sustainable wealth for his family, others began to ask him for help.  From that, he developed a coaching program.  He now speaks to groups, works with clients to help them learn basic financial principles and coaches clients to develop balanced, successful lives.

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